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Wooden Board



In-Home Shopping 

Don't have time to come into the shop to look at samples? Let us make your life easier! With our In-Home Shopping, someone from our team will come out to your home with a multitude of samples and will help you make the right choice for your flooring project.


Laying wood, carpet, laminate, vinyl, and other types of flooring. Ensuring that the flooring materials are well-positioned, secure, and clean. Completing the installation by applying appropriate finishes. Educating clients about suitable care for their floors.

FREE Delivery

Do you not have a large enough vehicle to transport your materials? Allow us to help with that! We provide services to get your product delivered straight to you, and if you are within the 30 mile radius from our store then we will deliver them free of charge! 


Are you having issues with your flooring? No one wants to look at gapping, dents, and scratches.  Your floors endure daily wear and tear. Anywhere from heavy foot traffic, a recent flood, to an occasional dropped item that may have left a mark. We can make it new again!  

FREE Estimates

We will make things as simple as possible for you! With our In-Home Floor Measurements, one of our Estimate Specialists will come out to your home and measure the areas you are planning on having NEW flooring installed. Making sure we give you the most accurate estimate. 


At Simple Charm, we take pride in our vast selection of flooring choices. We have done research for years, finding products we can stand by. From Hardwood to Carpet, Laminate to Vinyl,  we take pride in every single product within the four walls of our store! 


Have you felt like your floors were uneven or unlevel? Maybe there is a bump or two, or your floors feel like they are at a slant? Allow us to help with that! We provide services to get your subfloor flat and smooth so your flooring installation can go as simple as possible.

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